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Youre all personality.
Were all PR.
Lets join forces.

At grapevine pr + consulting, we capture the movers and shakers of the professional world.


We are inspired by mission-driven leaders in their fields with a never-ending appetite for using innovation, communication, and inspiration to change the world.

Saltando break dancer

You Stand Up.

You stand out from the crowd and stand up for what you believe in. You are an influencer, expert, or specialist in your field with a strong public presence, encompassing brand, and a relentless ambition for initiating new projects. You’re a dynamic, unique personality who prioritizes the creation and cultivation of meaningful connections.

We Help You Stand Out.

We’re here for the coaches, experts, gurus, mentors, and educators looking to increase their visibility and impact. If you are seeking an amplified audience, connect with us today. We can’t wait to tell your story.

Panel de expertos
Parallel Lines
Kent Healy

Kent Healy, 

Author, Entrepreneur & Speaker

“Meeting Steven renewed my confidence in an industry of weak promises and meager results. Steven wears his heart on his sleeve, cares deeply about results – the “value add” as defined by his clients.”

Brandi Kamenar

Brandi Kamenar,
Award-Winning Personal Branding Agent & Founder of Brandi Kamenar Beverly Hills.

“One of my favorite publicists.
I have tremendous respect for you and your work.”

Michael Carbonaro

Michael Carbonaro,
Host of truTV’s
The Carbonaro Effect

“I turn to grapevine pr when I want the truth, and a plan of action.”

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