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Concierto en vivo

You tell the story.
Well turn up the volume.

Lights, camera, PR!


We’re headquartered on the famous Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California - the heart of entertainment.


Being surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the best creative minds in the country supplies us with media connections and leveraging power to take your celebrity status to the next level.

Celebrity firma de productos para los af

Your Talent Shines Bright.

We’re seeking high-profile individuals, teams, or partnerships in the realms of television, film, music, social media, or Broadway. You are a standout talent who thrives off of inspired engagement and living your passions. You have an overarching brand that feeds off of your dynamic, authentic personality and are multifaceted in your career and your public presence.

We'll Power Your Spotlight.

Connect with us today if you’re looking to promote your star image and expand your exposure. Current and past celebrity clients of ours are featured in The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and Billboard, and additionally seen on The View, E! News, Oprah, and more. We can’t wait to be your biggest fans.

Parallel Lines

Lisa LoebGrammy-Winning Recording Artist

“I've really enjoyed working with you and look forward to more.”

William Shatner.jpg

William Shatner,
Actor, Author, Philanthropist & Cultural Icon.

“Many thanks for all the work you do and wrangling the media so eloquently.”


Mara Marini, American TV/Film Actress and Comedienne 
Parks and Recreation

“The personalized attention and care that grapevine gives to every one of its clients builds the best kind of confidence. I am very grateful for their support. It has been an absolute pleasure working with them.Steven Le Vine is creative, fun to work with, and dedicated. I highly recommend this agency.”

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