Meet the voices
behind grapevine

Steven Le Vine.

CEO and Founder

An innovative storysmith by nature, Steven seamlessly blends his business expertise with his wide-reaching media influence to guide his clients into the spotlight they deserve. He is passionate about using meticulously crafted media campaigns to connect compelling stories to listening ears.


As a current contributor and commentator for renowned consumer business publications such as Forbes, Rolling Stone, and Entrepreneur, as well as a founding member of the Forbes Agency Council and the Rolling Stone Culture Council, Steven is a leading voice in his industry.

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Garrett McClure.
Chief Strategy Officer

For more than two decades, Garrett McClure has leveraged his tried-and-true expertise in creative collaboration, mission-driven media optimization, and inspiring human potential to propel companies towards their highest purpose.


He brings his vast experience in corporate coaching and strategy to grapevine pr + consulting and its clients, engineering innovative solutions and helping clients consistently meet their goals.

Laura Heckman.

VP of Social Media co-founder of
grapevine pr Nashville

With nearly a decade of experience as a go-to social media strategist, Laura’s tech-savvy expertise and affinity for effective media optimization have led to collaborative partnerships with some of the top names across television and film, music, real estate, and interior design.


Past clients that have benefited from Laura’s consultations and top-notch social media campaigns include acclaimed producer/director Kenneth Kokin (The Usual Suspects), illustrious designer Marilynn Taylor, and emerging singer/songwriter Kendall Rucks.

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