Danny Pintauro

Danny Pintauro became a recognized actor at a young age as a child star and subsequently a teen idol, appearing in “As The World Turns” and “Cujo,” before starring in the role of Jonathan Bower in all eight seasons of the hit 80s ABC TV sitcom, “Who’s the Boss,” opposite Judith Light, Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano. 

After an extended hiatus to focus on his personal life, Pintauro enlisted the services of grapevine pr as his Agency of Record — his first publicist since the show ended -- to create a strategy to re-enter the public zeitgeist, not as an actor, but as a speaker, author and spokesperson, based on events of his private life to that point unknown to the public. As part of our strategy, grapevine pr concluded that a high-profile globally recognized media outlet would prove most effective for the initial "reveal" and serve as a springboard for the 3-month press tour. 

In April 2015, grapevine successfully orchestrated the major reveal of Pintauro’s HIV diagnosis and past meth addiction to a global audience in an exclusive, sit-down TV interview with Oprah Winfrey, which taped in May and aired that September. Following the taping of the interview, grapevine pr worked in tandem with Oprah’s PR team at the OWN Network to make sure the story did not leak for three months, and then teased the interview prior to it airing, before taking over the campaign following that. A day after the interview aired, it became the No. 1 trending news story across most major news sites, including ABC, NBC and CNN, and social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Pintauro’s reveal appeared throughout dozens of U.S. news outlets including the The Los Angeles Times, NBC News, CBS News, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, Variety, NBC’s “Today Show" and Yahoo!, as well as international outlets, such as the Irish Mirror, Toronto Sun, The Independent UK, Scout New Zealand, Metro News France, and other verticals. Several interviews were also delivered via satellite to international television programs. Shortly after the original airing of the Oprah interview, grapevine ensured that its momentum continued with another national network TV appearance with the ladies of ABC's "The View," which propelled the story back into the news cycle following a controversial interview between Pintauro and fellow 80s TV stars Candace Cameron Bure ("Full House") and Raven-Symone ("The Cosby Show"). grapevine rolled out and managed what one reporter referred to as a “massive media junket” including interviews with HuffPost Live, ET, E! News, CNN, TMZ, and multiple print exclusives with Us and People. grapevine also put together a Reddit #AMA session. All of this generated statements in support of Pintauro from his former co-stars, Judith Light and Tony Danza, and an additional week of mainstream coverage of Alyssa Milano’s tearful response on CBS's “The Talk.”

This press coverage took Pintauro from an IMDb StarMeter ranking of 6,817 to 155, his highest IMDb ranking ever in the history of IMDb. In addition to millions of views, the press tour culminated in Pintauro being honored with a number of awards; receiving offers from literary and speaker agents; magazine cover stories; speaking engagement offers; invitations to participate in social media campaigns and fundraisers such as HIV Equal and AIDS Walk LA; contributing writer opportunities; and a prestigious ambassadorship from The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation. Pintauro also received letters, tweets and messages from thousands of those positively impacted by him sharing his truth, the true measure of success based on the goal of the initial campaign. 

In 2016, grapevine earned the Silver award for "Arts, Entertainment & Media Campaign of the Year" in the 2016 PR World Awards; and was selected as a Finalist for 'PR Campaign of the Year' in the 2016 PR & Marketing Excellence Awards for its work with Pintauro.